The project ––  If there is one client of Anymigo thats internationally active, it is Adyen. Typically, Adyen's animations are produced and recorded in English. However, since Adyen is active in virtually every country in the world, they also want to provide customized content for local audiences. That's where Anymigo comes in - the animations created for Adyen can be easily translated into local languages with just a few clicks. Fácil!

Localisation clarifies and globally familiarizes Adyen's services.


With the help of Anymigo, Adyen makes an animation globally accessible through efficient translation that goes beyond just subtitles.

targeted for all 

your customers

Design  ––  A targeted message for your customers, that's the goal. It doesn't matter in which language your customer thinks or writes, with Anymigo, you can address everyone! Adyen provides a platform for all payments, Anymigo provides a platform for all your content!

Technology  ––  Adyen provided Anymigo with the translations in a clear spreadsheet, which were processed into the existing animation with just a few mouse clicks. This way, each target audience has the animation in their own language, even taking font size and duration into account. 

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