With personalized template decks shaped to your business, the possibilities are endless. Learn more about the possibilities of the toolbox and discover why Anymigo is your brand's best friend.

With the world’s hunger for media, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure your brand is recognized – whether you’re local, corporate or in between. 

That’s why at Kinsmen Collective, we decided to craft a tool that can dish out gorgeous animations and designs to serve that need, with customization as the key. Swap out those sloppy last-minute pieces for assets that actually move your audience.

Create badass on-brand assets,

no designers, quotes or back and

forth necessary.

Snag yourself animations,

stills or a combo of both

within just 5 minutes

Personalized, branded template

decks – all custom built for your

needs (with sound too!)

Enjoy the creative freedom to

curate content within the lines of

your brand’s look and feel

Endlessly mix colors, fonts,

photos, logos and more for a

scalable solution

Edit with your phone

on the go for easy access

and fast sharing

Anymigo step

by step

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how we develop a foundation that fits just right. To get your Anymigo started, we custom build templates for you, all centered around your brand ethics.

Connect with

your audience

Your branded

template toolbox

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