The project  ––  BePlayer represents professional female football players from the highest football leagues. The variation in this content is in the different club colors, match days, and kick-off times. Thanks to Anymigo, BePlayer and its players are already ahead 1-0 before the match even begins. With a dynamically animated program and personal match highlights, they ensure extra attention online.

Digital content that scores points

Extra attention on social media



Anymigo generates a dynamic animation specifically for each match. This way, the players are the stars of social media every match day!


If you don't score, you'll never win. That's why BePlayer's branded templates are easy to fill in and automated. The home and away club magically change club colors, resulting in stunning animations.


A tap-in with


Technology  ––  With the help of Anymigo's technology, creating a dynamic animation is easy - just upload the player's photo and the stadium where the match will take place. Then simply select the right match day and time, and you're all set!

Dynamic player information

Player name & team

Dynamic teams

Home & away colors + logo

Dynamic match information

League, teams, date, time & tv channel

Your branded

template toolbox

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