NS Dutch Railways


The project ––  Each year, the schedule of the Dutch Railways changes. To share this news with every traveler in a relevant and fun way, Anymigo was asked to create something special. Based on a clear design, fast animation, and good timing, this was achieved. Because the schedule was communicated via email, there were clear frameworks within which Anymigo had to work. An animated GIF provided a solution, making it possible to keep the personalized animation small in terms of file size.

72.000 animated e-mail banners

700kb maximum file size


Animation strengthens the message and turns every piece of content into something special, also for your customers.

E-mail campaign with

personal touch.

Design  ––  The campaign consisted of the salutation, gender, last name, start and end station, and whether trains were going to run faster or more frequently. Each recipient was surprised with a personalized view of the updated schedule!


6 Dynamic text fields

Optimized file sizes

2 Dynamic animation scenes

.GIF bulk export

Dataset with 450.000 variables

Realized within 1 week.

Your branded

template toolbox

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