Kinsmen Christmas


The project ––  When you say Kinsmen, you say personal. Whether it's a customer, a friend, or a family member, everyone contributes to the success of Kinsmen. Especially at Christmas, we would like to thank these people. For a great collaboration, help, and valuable contact. That’s why we created hundreds of personalised animations. Thanks to Anymigo this only took one spreadsheet and one click. The result were beautifully personal animations that Kinsmen sent trough various channels.

Personal animations with a beautiful heartfelt message


Kinsmen is known for great

designs and beautiful illustrations,

which are naturally reflected in this

Christmas message. Personalization

and brand recognition go hand in

hand for Kinsmen.

Add a Personal

touch with Anymigo

Design  ––  Kinsmen started with a cool Christmas design and added a personal touch with the help of Anymigo. Adding everyone's name, a personal message, and a final wish for the new year. Merry Kinsmen Christmas!

Technology  ––  Thanks to Anymigo, we were able to create hundreds of personalized animations with just one click.

300 Beatifuly crafted animations

Bulk export

Small file size perfect for sharing

Your branded

template toolbox

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