The project  ––  Payvision shares a lot of content, mainly on LinkedIn. Sometimes Payvision shares a blog or news from other websites, and other times it's an interview, job vacancy, or press release. It can be challenging to keep all colleagues' content on brand. Payvision's wish was to easily share animations and images. Well, that wish has come true thanks to Anymigo!

100% on-brand

Adding a personal touch to every message


The identity of Payvision was developed by Saffron, a leading brand consultancy agency. Anymigo was tasked with further developing this identity through animations, videos, and photography.

Unique social  content

that engages with 

your audience

Design  ––  Animated icons and a proffesional photoshoot for a convincing and personal message that is 100% on-brand.


Dynamic text

6 varying design modules

Dynamic images

5 design themes within the brand identity

Animated icons

Online within 5 minutes

Your branded

template toolbox

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