The project  ––  Zicht advisors shares a lot of information, knowledge and tips on social media. In addition, Zicht advisors is also frequently looking for new employees. With the options and possibilities offered by Anymigo, Zicht advisors is 100% on brand in any format!

100% on-brand, in any format

Relevant content within minutes


Animation strengthens the message and turns every piece of content into something special, also for your customers.

Sharing knowledge,

blogs, and job vacancies

has never been easier.

Design  ––  The big wish of Zicht advisors was to create content dynamically, quickly and user-friendly. Variable content that can be shared frequently and is attractive to watch. With Anymigo, Zicht advisors can easily and quickly create dynamic relevant content within minutes.

Technology   ––   The following options have been crucial for Zicht Advisors: input the text, choose a design, color, and add a photo. Based on these options, countless variations can be created for a single topic, without any effort.

Dynamic text

Dynamic images

4 color themes within the corporate identity

Your branded

template toolbox

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