The project  ––  For the Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Organization, ZLTO, we created a dynamically branded template with Anymigo with which updates, results and news items can be shared. Square, landscape or portrait, 100% according to the brand guidelines and including more than 100 custom made icons, everything is possible for ZLTO with Anymigo!

100% on-brand

 100+ custom made icons


ZLTO makes updates, results and news appealing through dynamic animation with Anymigo

social content

that engages with 

your audience

Design  ––  To maintain a strong brand identity, we designed more than 100 icons for ZLTO that represent all facets of the organisation. ZLTO can use all of these icons when they make an Anymigo to give more power to any subject.


Dynamic text

6 varying length modules

Dynamic images

2 color themes within the brand identity

100+ custom icon options

Online within 5 minutes

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template toolbox

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